(©Mattis Sørum 2000)

i) The Carrier


ii) The journey begins

Our journey
has started
off to meet our destiny
off to face
the evil eye
wonder what it sees?

Show us the way
our leader from the past
teach us to manage our fear
our hopes are small
don't know what will come
But we raise our seals

we will go on
we won't stop
until we fall!

What am I doing here,
where were my thoughts,
back there in my beloving home?
I dreamed of honour
and glory as well
never saw, at the sky, the star that fell

How will this end?
Don't dare to think
don't dare to hope, just tryin' not to
the world's so big
I feel so small
something is draging me....

Listen friends!
Do you hear the call?