(ŠJack Bruce 1969)

And so our time is fields of sleep
And so our bed is endless deep
And so the waves are grass in sun
And so our time has just begun
And so our love moves much too fast
And sun and sleep can never last
love is lost

but one...but once
The time was ours we never cared
For soaring flights that eagles dared
The air was full of peaceful birds
Your eyes were moist unspoken words
And so our love moves much too fast
And sun and eyes can never last
Fire is lost
but one...but once

Over the hills the good times
are sitting under grey clouds
And the sound of the love songs
Is being lost in the crowds
of the magical lessons
that you taught me from the walls
I forgot all the path ways
and I remembered the falls

"I have a feeling that 'To Isengard' started out with lyrics that were more Tokien-like, but evolved over time. When Jack and Pete write together, it usually goes something like this: Jack will come to Pete with some music; Pete will write some lyrics (at the time they were going through a literary period, referencing Tolkien (to Isengard), Shakespeare (opening lines to He the Richmond), Malcolm Lowry (The Consul at Sunset), and others). Jack then considers the lyrics and rejects many of them, because they don't 'sing' well...so Pete writes a new line. Jack doesn't seem to care too much about the lyrics and their meaning, so long as they sing OK. This is how 'White Room' started as a song about selling refrigerators to eskimos and transformed into the song we know now!" [contributed by Derek Araujo]

Songs for a Tailor (CD 1988/1997)