(©Kumikameli 1991)

Metsän vanhin kuusijätti, laholatva taivaassa. Neulaset jo karanneet on
onton miehen oksista. Tuimailme naavanaama nojaa kohti lounasta.
Kulttuuria, sivistystä kaupunkia kasvavaa...
Kiskoo irti juuret maasta, puree puista hammasta. Nyt saa riittää
horros, pois pihkat silmäkulmista!
Se tanssii yli parkkitalon,
tallaa kunnanviraston.
Kaataa piipun sellutehtaan,
jälkeen jättää rovion...
Katsoo hetken ympärilleen, rykii pölyt keuhkoista. Harjaa hilseen
hartioilta, jatkaa päivätansseja...
Tuimailme naavanaama suuntaa kohti koillista; kulttuuria, sivistystä,
kaupunkia kasvavaa..

[English translation contributed by Arden Smith]

The oldest spruce-giant of the forest, rotten-top in the sky.
Needles have already escaped from the branches of the hollow man.
Sharp-expressioned lichen-face leans toward the southwest.
Cultures, civilization, cities growing...
He pulls roots loose from the ground, bites with a wooden tooth.
Now the torpor gets to be enough, resin out of the corners of the eyes!
He dances over the bark(?) house, tramples the local office.
He knocks down the chimney of a cellulose(?) factory, leaves behind a stake...
He looks around for a moment, clears the dust from his lungs.
He brushes the dandruff from his shoulders, continues his daily dances...
Sharp-expressioned lichen-face heads toward the northeast;
cultures, civilization, cities growing...

The basis for the song's inclusion on this list is a remark by Johanna Vainikainen in Legolas (April 1992) that the song features "an obvious Ent." The translation makes this seem doubtful to me. Any other opinions? I believe Kersantti Petteri" is the stage-name of one of the band members. I think their web site mentions something about him having worked as a forester...