(©Lammoth 2009)

Everything's lost this deed can none take
Destiny's reached the point of no return

Wrath is unleashed and hand of doom strikes
Pay for your pride for you have gone too far

Point of no return
Hand of doom strikes hard
You have gone too far

Crashing rumbling and pulling ships under
Breaking all that dares to stand in their way
No use trying (to) stop this mighty and thundering dance of water
Time to learn that mortality means that you may die

Crashing rumbling and pulling men under
Trapping all that dared to step on the land
No use trying (to) stop this mighty and thundering dance of mountains
Time to humble and repent your sins forever

Change the course of world
Shape it like an endless circle
Bar the way to isle of happiness and bliss to all mankind
So that road they cannot find

Only those first-born
When they want to leave Middlearth
Find the passage through the breath of air
And of flight to the shores Valinor's deathless' halls

Back to disaster once again
Númenor falling to the deep unfathomed
Thousands lives wasted
Nevermore westward are you welcomed

Run for your life for maybe there's still
Where is life there is hope but here is naught

Maybe there's still chance
Where is life there's hope
Too late here is naught

Twist, toss and twist, fiery breath
Tempest drives the battered ships
Nine last ships, survivors of end of the world
Masts, broken masts, scattered sails
And all anchors torn away
Led astray, faraway, into the unknown

Days, nights and days, no escape
Lost in depths of wide wide seas
Rolling seas, enemies of once beloved friends

Fear, grey with fear, troubled mind
And heart that's laden with grief
Aching grief worse than death, total desperation

Why, tell me why, tell me now
Tell me why it had to be
End like this, end of all
Gloom and misery is all I see
Loss for eternity
Close book of history
And farewell…