(İRonald D. Blankenship 2010)

His words rang clear as a bell,as he worked his magic spells.
On every living thing that looked his way.
Green fire that turned to rain,hot drops that soaked into the brain.
Makes a hobbit want to scream his name,--his name,--Gandalf!!
I sit and think of times he'd tell me,of secret treasures he'd bestow.
On the one's who made the journey,to gain the wisdom that he knows.
I would sit and think of times he'd help me,along the way,
Oh Gandalf!--Gandalf!---Where?--are you--today!!
Oh Gandalf--where are you now!
Oh Gandalf--where are you now!
Oh Gandalf--where are you now!
Gandalf!!--I need you now!!
There's been so many times of anger,so many times of tears.
Still I wake up the next day,--cringing in my fears.
Cringing in my fears!--and Gandalf!--you're still not here!
You know I asked the wizard why?--why we're all here.
He said Eru wanted it that way,--I guess i've got my own opinion.
I said if you,--or me,--or anyone else,did'nt have that ring,
why would it matter?.
You know times are changing,we're rearanging the path we took yesterday!
Gandalf--I need you now!,--Oh Gandalf where are you now!!
Gandalf!--can you hear me?--can you hear me?--!
Gandalf!!---I'm calling you!!---
Gandalf!!----I'm glad you came!--I'm so glad you came!!!

Artist Comment: "Gandalf was written in 1976,but wasn't completed until 1979,then we added the percussion,and begining harmonics to the song.Mikol,and I were,and are, big fans of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy,prompting us to write songs about it. Gandalf was the first of three songs. Gandalf is one of our longest songs,and a live show favorite."