(©Lothlöryen 2003)

Now I'll runaway
Out of darkness where my kingdom stay
Live hidden behind Moria

I need to find myself
Dive in madness to reach all the ways
That I forgotten in my dreams

So I must runaway
To beyond this dark barren lands
To find the answers that I lost in the time
Endless stairs
Until the unknown but I know

(That's) Time to go to the land of my soul
Where I'm still king
Time to coming home
And so say Namarie

When I close my eyes
Time has gone beyond
When I see the light
Blindness hurt my soul
Cutting like the tears
Burning and banished the dawn
In my darkest days
Memories of promised land

There's a voice on my way
Tell me where I must runaway
And finally I can find the answers that I seek
Insanity to think is my only way

Take me away and wash away all my pain
Is not too late to find my way
All that I must to do is carry on

Take me back to Lorien
There where my soul can fly
Take me back to Lorien
To the memories of a forgotten time