(©Lothlöryen 2005)

And then silent
He's waiting
Watching in darkness
Seeking another reasons to dare
Himself beyond the walls

Almaren - just ruins of Fantasy

And now
He is going
Alone in the dark beyond this time
Makes his song

To understand his dreams
And just to try to keep
The flame of magic in the air

While the madness still goes on and on

Chorus: Close my eyes for a while
Then I feel all his pain
The fear and the sadness (gr
ow) In the deep of my mind
The regrets of a bard
Lost in oblivion

For ancient times
The poets cries
And bleeding are their rhymes
No one lighter's sailing
No more fairytales

Is this will be
The end of the dreams?
Avalon is died
The mist are no more for me

In silence
He's still waits
To break all the chains
And bring back
His song to the light

So I understand
Finally what he said
Believe in me
And I will be