(©Mordoroth 2010)

Jaws of thirst open wide,
a raging heart beat inside
and Beren's spear was swept aside
as teeth of wolf sunk deep
into human flesh
a lethal wound in Beren's chest
In the howls of the hound,
the voice of the horns
the horns of Orome,
and the wrath of the Valar
In the roars of Carcharoth,
the hate of Morgoth
a malice cruel and fierce,
crueller than teeth of steel
Eyes aflamed with rage
deadly fangs cut his flesh
now venom ran through Huan's veins
Life poured out of his wound
but he fulfilled his doom
He slew the enemy's fiercest wolf
As light was dying, in Beren's eyes
the darkness fell and the starlight died
His spirit lingered, unwilling to leave
before he set out on the Outer Sea
Into darkness,
even Luthien fell,
and from her body,
her spirit fled
but in the halls where,
the dead await their say,
in awe she looked upon,
the judge of the dead
With beauty so great and with sorrow so deep
I knelt before Mandos and tears hit his feet
from out of this world my voice cut the air
I sang from my heart, that his death was unfair
Worn by the pain of how death sealed an end
to soon your ship sailed away
This body feels so hollow inside
my spirit moved on, stricken by grief
tears of sorrow I cry endlessly
Await me beyond the Western Sea
I'm granted a wish, I am mortal to be
Then side by side in mortality
treading the path of life's mystery
Back to flesh,
return from the dead
The pity of Mandos,
the ruling of Manwe
Back to flesh,
the judge of the dead
lifted the shadow,
that covered our heartbeats
Back to flesh,
return from the dead
Back to flesh,
the judge of the dead