(©Morgoth 1991)

Flames of hate – gates of love
The good decays when he arrives

Halls of hate
Slaughter, genocide
Halls of death
My gory life
Dungeons of misery
Pits of Utumno
Death is approaching life

Lifeless creatures come into existence
Corporal death – emptiness inside
The undead will lead a distressing life

Sacrilegious action, the dark side
Contempt in death for humanity
Ragged carcasses shred threads of life

The insane, cold blooded, march to die
Oscure cycles of plinacy
Fair hollowness, screaming in their skulls

Dusk falls while shadows are extending
Darkness constructed – blasphemy of life

Halls of hate
Strength of madness
Halls of death
No sense anymore

Dungeons of misery
Pits of Utumno


The Eternal Fall/Resurrection Absurd (CD 1991)

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Cultus Luciferi - The Splendour Of Chaos (CD 2008) [performed by PURGATORY]