(©Pär Lindh and Björn Johansson 1996)

The king of dwarves and mountain
His might shall be restored
His wealth will spring from fountains
All foes will fear his sword

His glory bells be ringing,
His halls with tapestry hung,
All mountain sound with singing
As the hymns of praise be sung.

The water shall flow from fountains
Into rivers deep below
The trees will grow on mountain
Where we golden wealth bestow

The King with armour shining
And his Queen so fair and sage,
All stars they will be shining
At the dawn of a golden age!

This track comprises five movements: a) Mirkwood, b) In the Pallace of the Elven King, c) Barrel ride, d) Laketown fuge, e) the Return of the King. They lyrics listed above belong to this last movement.)