(ŠPaul Corfield Godfrey 1983-1988)

[lyrics available with CD]

Synopsis: "In Tirion, the chief city of the Elves in the Blessed Realm, Finwë the King of the Elves and his wife Míriel have a son, Fëanor [heroic tenor]; but Míriel's spirit is consumed in the delivery, and she passes to the kingdom of Mandos the Lord of Death [bass-baritone]. Finwë remarries and has two further children, Fingolfin [lyric baritone] and Finrod [lyric tenor], who are therefore Fëanor's half-brothers. Fëanor shapes three great jewels, the Silmarils, from the blended light of the Two Trees, and they are hallowed by the Valar."