(©Paul Corfield Godfrey 1983-1988)

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Synopsis: "Melkor seeks out Ungoliant, the Great Spider [semi-chorus], and offers her all that she may wish if she will aid him. FŽanor and Fingolfin are reconciled, and Fingolfin promises to follow FŽanor wherever he may lead. But Melkor and Ungoliant come into the Blessed Realm and destroy the Two Trees. Elbereth says that with the use of the Silmarils she could restore light to the Realm, but FŽanor reflecting on Melkor's words refuses to surrender them. FŽanor's son Maedhros enters 'in haste to tell the Valar that Melkor has gone to FŽanor's stronghold and, after killing FinwŽ the King, has stolen the Silmarils. FŽanor curses Melkor, naming him Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World."