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Synopsis: "Melian is beginning to feel her control over events is slipping; and the Sons of FŽanor, mindful of their Oath to keep the Silmarils from any but themselves, discover that one of their fatherís creations is held by Thingol in Doriath. On the festival of the King, when Thingol is hunting outside the Girdle of Melian, they ambush and kill him. This creates enough disruption to Melianís power for them to cross her barrier and enter Doriath. They begin a brutal and ruthless sacking of the Realm in search for the Gem. When coming close to the throne room Melian quickly sends her great-granddaughter Elwing away from the city with the Silmaril. The Sons of FŽanor break into the throne room and present Melian with the head of her husband. At that moment she abandons all of her protections of the realm and walks away from her home, unchallenged by the attackers. The Sons of FŽanor then discover that the Silmaril is no longer there and the realm is destroyed."