(İRampart 2009)

War is going outside our city
Our enemy's showing no pity
We cannot fight this demon's horde
Our only hope is the mighty sword

Our ruler comes with rising sun
No one can stop his mighty run
The lad pews out his weapon
Shall awake the holy sun

Orchrist - Winning the battle
Orchrist - They're running like cattle
Orchrist - A warrior's soul
Orchrist - A heart turned to stone

Our enemy's screaming and falling
As they hear his voice's calling
Eternal power of the light
To brake the darkness of the night

A sword, a song
And nothing's wrong.
A blade - in light
From side to side
A man is standing on a hill
His destiny he feels
To be the breaker of the tyrant's cage
The dawning of this age... of this age...

Orchrist, Orchrist
Orchrist, Orchrist

Artist Comment: "The apparition comes from the siege of the fortified capital of Gondor - Minas Tirith; the lyric interpretation however considers the sword Orchrist which blade glows when Orcs are near..."