(©Ravager 2004)

Monarchs of utter glory
Gather upon atrocity
To destroy and collide in honor
As Ur it's the site of this un creation
Funeral events shrines in Dark

Imperial gathering unifies
From North to South
Into East and West
Blessed be those into the un light
Perpetual Allegiance
Never known

Spirits of the most high command
Join frightfully
Ritualistic enforcement within
Through dogmas of those blind
Into lie and futile phallacy
Curse all the race of men
Grim emperors from nowhere

Since no time were conceived
And no flesh or living stands into life
Liers in wait
From profound unknown sites

Naxzgul Telal
Uggae Iddimnu
Xastur Utuk - Xul
Maskim Xul Shiru
Rabishu Zibanitum
Uruk Hai Gula Pa-Bil-Sag
Kur Shadu IA!

Rax Kakulja
Nima Kakulja
Dueño de Luz y Oscuridad
Flama de Odio y Certeza
Invade la Eternidad

From utter corners of mankind
Congregation of elder ones occur
Portals of thy obscure dawn
Implodes unto Abyssal might

Glory to the Kommanders of the Impiety
As kaos had bring us knowledge
To this bestial summoning of sin
Rise high Naxzgul Lords

Behind the Paramounts of Madness

Artist Comment: "Naxzgul, before any misunderstood, is an ancient entity that rises from Sumerian and Mesopotamian cultures and civilizations. That in few words means the empowering of the death and its represented as many forms, shapes and even into societies of the ancient human cultures of the forementioned ones. Kind like a duality existing only with the purpose to rise the dead. May flesh be washed from the earth and beyond."