(ŠAlf Davies 2004)

Nine fingers, the bravest hobbit who ever lived
His name was Frodo, the quest took all that he could give
Ring-bearer where's your smile, you'll be better in a while
The Eye of Sauron won't be seen again
From Bag End to Mordor, Black Riders screaming overhead
The end of the Fellowship, across the Marshes of the Dead
The Ring-bearer held his nerve, with only Sam and Sting to serve
Now you're safe you'll soon forget the pain

But some horrors never end
Some wounds will never mend
Be patient till you reach the Havens

The treachery of Smeagol, many times your mercy stilled your hand
Survived the sting of Shelob, entered then the dark and barren land
The Ring-bearer felt the weight, the force of evil close and great
Only one so humble could stay sane
Mount Doom now beckoned, the engine room of Sauron spewing fire
The weight now so massive, only courage left to take you higher
The Ring-bearer's halfling grit, with the Eldar you shall sit
Middle Earth is safe now in cleansing rain

Nine fingers, immortal songs
No one else could be so strong
To the journey's end, at the Havens
Nine-fingered Frodo, you were the saviour
Nine-fingered Frodo, none was braver