(İSacrilege 1987)

Why is life so precious, when living is but shreds
of joy and pain, of loss and gain, of torment and resent?
Hanging on a cliff edge, we are clawing for a hold;
the weak are pushed, the strong held back, the quiet cowed by the bold.
More rain than sunshine, the warm outdoes the cold.
Safety in numbers, but now we're all alone.
I'm stretching out my arms now, I'm yearning for your love.
Mist is all around us now, dark shadows fly above.
The cold can kill you, your body keeps me warm.
We survey the view now, in the cold light of the dawn
out on the cliff edge. Moss clings so easily,
but now it's not so easy for the likes of you and me.


Within the Prophecy/Behind the Realms of Madness (CD 1998)