(ŠVal Serrie 2004)


Artist Comment: "In the universe created by J. R. R. Tolkien, Yavanna was the goddess of the earth and living things. Her greatest and most famous gifts were the original Two Trees of Valinor. These trees were named Telperion, and Laurelin. Until their creation, all the world was dark but for starlight. But when Yavanna created the two trees, suddenly there was light. One tree shone at a time. When one waxed the other waned. Laurelin gave the golden light of day, and Telperion gave the silver light of night. Every 12 hours one tree would dim as the other tree came into it's own brightness. Thus was born the measure of the days and the beginning of the counting of time. Later, when the trees were destroyed by evil, the Sun and Moon were created to replace them. In this album, there are songs of high energy of the sun, and songs of quiet reflection of the moon, and some of the twilight between. The sun and the moon share the responsibility of bringing light to the world. Each of them has it's own light. Similarly, each song in this collection has it's own light."