(ŠThe Crown 2010)

Driven aggressive high speed achiever
Hate compressed amazing race
Mindless scorn for the wide-eyed believers
Broken and bent before their god
Eternal return on the wings of Satan

Victory shall turn

Dreams of satanic impulsions
Parasite shadows of sacred forms
Sensation of obsession and vertigo
Attraction of an abyss
Riding on the wings of passions
To open the soul for infernal whispers
Different from natural drives
Marked with a prideful bitter sorrow

Disgusting midday darkness
Bloated drunk on ignorance
While I thought to be flying
I was crawling in the lowest mud
Corruptio optimi pessima
He who rises in might
Shall forever fall
Far from, far from grace

And against your will
The more you blaspheme
Ad majorem dei gloriam

Deep behind that hardened face
An animal staring out in fear
And deep behind those animal eyes
The slithering black shape of Leviathan
Crawl forth the dragon of the deep

The naked will to power
And material ways
That shall be pierced
By the sword and the spear

In the ultimate battle
Fire and sacrifice
In the inexhaustible rain
On fields of creation

In day of doom
One deathless stand
Whom death has tasted
And dies no more
Under banners of eternal names
When the word is lord
To take command

Creative to the principle of destruction
Loyal to the principle of betrayal
Sworn to the principle of revolt
Love to the principle of hate

But when the angels of death
Come to claim your soul
The devil shall turn his back

And your loyal
Sworn love shall be repaid
With betrayal, revolt and hate
Satan is the work of god
The creation of evil
For destruction of evil

So now you taste it
And die
Before you die

Satan hates
Lucifer betrays
Evil fades
In evil ways
Poor satanic suicidal
Cowardly side of my soul
Leave now and never return
For you do not ever know
What you are doing
On the inverted and impossible way
Here burn the souls
Of modern generations
Join the club
Rest in festering slime

When malice shall be turned upon itself
And the serpent shall devour its tail
Lost soul scream out in panic in vain
Hell is burning, tradition is true

The treasure of the devil
Is pain and disgrace
And eternal loss
The damned and what they desire
Shall forever be separated
Until ye mercy shall surpass ye wrath
Angels shall enter the flames
To find even the smallest grain of good
Among my smoldering remains
To be like unto god
Was the broken promise
And my sole desire
As the blessed in the heavens
And in paradise

And the light shineth in the darkness
But the dark comprehended it not
So darkness is losing when winning
And light wins even at loss

Light is truth
Darkness, error
The truth alone shall triumph
And set us free
He who rises in might
From darkness to light